ActiveMatrix BPM Components and Services

  TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM is implement as a number of self-governing components that expose services, exploit the benefits of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) provided by the TIBCO ActiveMatrix runtime.
These components are grouped into a set of TIBCO ActiveMatrix reasonable nodes, of different types. (A reasonable node is a heterogeneous group of application remains that must be deployed to the same physical node.)

Below figure provides an overview of this structural design, illustrate:

• the main connections between reasonable nodes.
• the main exterior services provided by TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM.

logical nodes and services

Process Manager Provides the subsequent services:

• Process services - which implement business process management applications that have been designed in TIBCO Business Studio and deployed to the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM runtime.
• Event Collection services - which collect and associate business process events.
• Calendar services - which provide services such as working time and working ease of use information for TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM entity.

Work Manager Provides a collection of services that deals with the management of human resources:

• Business Resource organization services - which are dependable for distributing and managing work.
• Directory services - which maintain the runtime association model and provide all verification and approval services.

Web Components (Workspace / Openspace clients):
  • Provides the runtime user interface to TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM.

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