TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM Applications

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM can be use to develop, deploy, execute and manage business process management applications. The word is used in this context to include applications that primarily automate both:
• business processes (sequences of tasks) to be executed by human users, and
• technical processes (the flow of data) to be executed by enterprise applications.
Figure 1 shows the dissimilar elements of TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM software that are involved in behind business process management applications.
TIBCO AMX BPM Applications
 TIBCO Business Studio
TIBCO Business Studio provides a common modeling, achievement and deployment environment for different types of applications. TIBCO Business Studio provides an Eclipse-based plan environment in which:
1. Business analysts can capture, design and model all aspects of a business process, including the organization and data models that underpin it.
2. Solution designers can implement the process as an executable application, then deploy the application to the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM runtime for execution.
TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM
TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM is a TIBCO ActiveMatrix product request that provides the runtime execution environment for business process management applications.
TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM is deployed to the TIBCO ActiveMatrix runtime. Business process management applications can then also be deployed to the TIBCO ActiveMatrix runtime, where they are executed by TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM.
TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM also provides two web client applications – Openspace and Workspace - which users can use to access TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM and business process management applications that have been deployed to it.


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