AMX BPM Architecture

The AMX BPM platform has five gears – Workspace, Work Manager, Event Collector, Process Manager, and Openspace – wired together using public services, which allows anyone to use those same services to restore or expand the components. In fact, the BPM platform and AMX BPM applications are all just AMX composite applications.
There is a familiar administration interface for all AMX products, and when we’re in the AMX Admin interface, the common environment of the platform becomes more evident: you can see the AMX platform, AMX BPM, sample applications and organizational models that we’ll be looking at in the demo. Selecting the AMX BPM application, you’ll see the underlying five components as well as all public services available.
The AMX service authority and management tools share common components with AMX SOA, but are not included in AMX BPM.
What this new architecture means is that Business Studio can be used to generate services using combinations of components, services and other object types, which allows processes to be rooted as part of any application: process is not a separate thing used to orchestrate applications, but part of the application itself.
TIBCO AMX BPM Architecture

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